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Can Mechanical Engineering Work In Google?

Mechanical engineering is a vast field with many unassuming companies hiring many mechanical engineers.

Mechanical engineers have unique knowledge and skill in designing and building machines and computer hardware.

In this guide, you will learn more about working at Google as a mechanical engineer and other prestigious companies for mechanical engineers.

Can Mechanical Engineering Work In Google?

Google needs mechanical engineers to develop and build innovative machines, specialized systems, and efficient hardware.

These engineers invent and innovate new products, bring designs to life, and optimize systems and functions.

Most machines, applications, systems, and processes demand collaboration from several different types of engineers.

Computer and software engineers will work closely with mechanical engineers to ensure more efficient products.

That said, finding a job at Google as a mechanical engineer may be more challenging than these other popular engineering positions.

You need exemplary expertise and experience to stand out from your competition.

Therefore, you should pursue higher academia, concentrate on an in-demand mechanical engineering domain, or work for other prestigious firms before applying to Google.

What Mechanical Engineers Do In Google?

Mechanical engineers design, develop, and analyze Google products and prototypes.

There are many exciting positions at Google, each specializing in a particular aspect of mechanical engineering. And they often require teamwork.

The most popular job titles include:

  • Data Centers Mechanical Engineer: As part of the Platforms Team, Data Centers Mechanical Engineers design and develop data center systems for different Google services.
  • Data Centers Mechanical Plant Engineer: Mechanical Plant Engineers are in charge of designing, developing, and overseeing efficient heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water pumping and treatment, and electrical distribution.
  • Display Mechanical Engineer: Display Mechanical Engineers design and develop displays for Google products.
  • Mechanical Product Design Engineer: Mechanical Product Design Engineers work on designing a new product and how it will function.
  • Thermal Design Engineer: Thermal Design Engineers design machines or mechanical systems that run on heat. Well-known products include Google Cloud and Google Nest.
  • Thermal Test Engineer: Thermal Test Engineers ensure machines or mechanical systems are functioning correctly.
  • Mechanical Manufacturing Engineer: Mechanical Manufacturing Engineers analyze and improve mechanical systems and functions.
  • Tooling Engineer: Tooling Engineers design mechanical tools and parts for larger systems.
  • Mechanical Developer: Mechanical Developers build, install, maintain, and analyze mechanical parts and machines.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Working At Google?

There are many advantages to working at Google as an engineer, including:

  • Excellent Benefits Packages: Google prioritizes its employees’ well-being by building benefits packages that include health and well-being, finances, flexible work and time off, family support and care, and personal development opportunities.
  • Career Advancement: There are many ways you can advance your engineering career at Google, including pursuing senior positions, collaborating on meaningful projects, and transferring offices.
  • Forefront of Technology: Google is one of the technology leaders. You will have the opportunity to work on some of the most cutting-edge products and services in the world.
  • Equal Opportunity Workplace: Google prides itself on creating and maintaining a diverse work environment. They also accommodate disabilities and special needs.

However, Google is only one of the many tech companies hiring mechanical engineers. And it has a few disadvantages, namely:

  • Competition: One of the biggest cons is the ability to land a Google job. There are people from all over the world competing for the same position.
  • Intense competition: When you apply for a job at Google, you must portray academic excellence, extensive experience, or considerable accomplishments. Google hires top-tier talent, so you may need to work hard to gain acknowledgment.

How Much Do Mechanical Engineers Make In Google?

The average salary for a mechanical engineer at Google is $93,108 annually.

On the low end, Google pays its mechanical engineers $73,224 per year and on the high end, mechanical engineers can make $207,515 per year in a senior position.

In comparison, the national average for mechanical engineers is $95,300 per year.

Along with salary, Google employees include financial incentives in their benefits packages.

They provide consistent bonus opportunities, a 401k and other retirement plans, regular pay equity analyses and adjustments, student loan reimbursements, and even financial planning and management assistance.

How To Become CEO Of Google?

If you desire to become the CEO of Google, you will need to work to the top of this esteemed tech company slowly.

Naturally, you need to start by gaining considerable education and experience in a useful domain, such as engineering.

Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, or software engineering are all excellent choices, as you will learn how to invent, design, and build new products.

After landing a job at Google, you must dedicate your time partially to designing and building new and valuable products.

If you are successful in these projects, you will likely gain acknowledgment within the company for your contributions.

Likewise, you can increase your rank throughout your time at Google and receive recognition for further projects.

It is equally important to network with influential people during your career, consistently working with others who can recognize your talent, skill, and value.

If you create the right connections and impress your superiors, you can join the Google board and become a key executive.

From here, your peers may promote and elect you to the CEO position.

Which Are The Best Companies For Mechanical Engineers?

Google is one of many great companies for mechanical engineers. You may like to work at any of the following reputable firms:

  • NASA
  • Microsoft
  • Lockheed Martin
  • General Electric
  • Boeing
  • Ford
  • Honeywell
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Disney

Final Thoughts

Working for a top firm such as Google is a worthy goal as a mechanical engineer.

With dedication and perseverance in your studies, you may have the opportunity to land a job at Google.

You may also be able to advance your career at the company and offer significant contributions to your team and society.