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10 Best YouTube Channels For Mechanical Engineers

Watching YouTube videos is a great way for mechanical engineers to learn new things and gather inspiration for innovative machines.

There are plenty of YouTube accounts entirely dedicated to teaching mechanical engineers essential knowledge and skills.

They also introduce engineers and consumers to their latest projects, as engineers recognize the value of sharing how they built a new machine or component.

Read more below to find out which YouTube channels are worth your subscription!

Best YouTube Channels For Mechanical Engineers To Follow

Mechanical engineers and mechanical engineering students can benefit from following these channels:

1) Lesics

Lesics, a YouTube channel following Lesics Engineers Pvt. Ltd., provides educational videos for engineering.

They have entire playlists dedicated to mechanical engineering and mechanical design, simplifying hard-to-understand concepts.

They also regularly upload new videos, exploring the physics and engineering behind well-known products like microwave ovens and scooters. 

2) Interesting Engineering

 Interesting Engineering shows engineers what underlies past, present, and future innovative machines.

They also upload videos explaining how engineering masterpieces move from theory to design to fruition.

One of the great things about this YouTube channel is that they present information in a compelling, story-like fashion that captivates viewers.

3) Practical Engineering

Practical Engineering, produced and hosted by a civil engineer named Grady Hillhouse, looks at real-world problems and engineering solutions.

He focuses on mechanical engineering as it relates to infrastructure, touching on machines like water hammers, steam hammers, pipes, and valves.

Mechanical engineers will enjoy these deep dives into why engineers build specific machines and why they design these machines in a particular way.

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4) Branch Education

Branch Education showcases technology and explains precisely how engineers built them or how they work.

The enlightening content educates mechanical engineers on these complicated systems’ intricate details.

Additionally, Branch Education creates engaging, animated videos that make viewers want to stick around for the exciting content.

It is a great YouTube channel to follow, especially as a mechanical engineering student.

The videos not only educate but also feed a passion for understanding problems and building solutions.

5) Blondihacks

Blondihacks is an excellent channel for mechanical engineers.

It showcases machine shop work, going through each step from conception to creation.

There are also educational videos, covering various important machining elements and advanced technologies like 3-D printing.

While the Blondihacks main blog centers around electrical work, they also feature mechanical projects that may be interesting for some.

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6) The Efficient Engineer

If mechanical engineering students are having trouble with engineering concepts, they should check out the Efficient Engineer.

They provide excellent guidance on theories and practices.

They also take the time to describe how different components work and why engineers choose certain materials over others.

Furthermore, students who struggle with entire engineering courses may find the Efficient Engineer’s playlists a great resource.

Topics include Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, and Material Properties.

7) Thang010146

The channel name may draw few spectators, but Thang010146 is a goldmine for mechanical engineers.

There are more than 3600 videos dedicated to explaining various mechanical mechanisms.

Additionally, videos contain fun animations that make understanding a little bit easier!

8) Machine Thinking

Machine Thinking is a small YouTube channel dedicated to understanding the history of machines.

With rich and engaging storytelling, they help viewers understand why engineers made certain machines, tools, and parts.

Engineers recommend starting with the 1751 Machine that Made Everything and America’s Iron Giants – the World’s Most Powerful Metalworkers.

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9) Tech Ingredients

Tech Ingredients is an excellent way to explore mechanical projects deeply.

On any given machine, they comb through the underlying engineering principles, the problem-solving process, the design process, the materials and parts, and the construction.

Apart from being educational and inspirational, it also gives engineers insight into the responsibilities of mechanical engineers.

10) This Old Tony

This Old Tony is a staple YouTube channel for many mechanical engineers.

The host creates educational and entertaining videos, taking viewers on multiple machining project journeys.

He also goes into depth on several domains within mechanical engineering, including welding and woodworking.

He also has an entire playlist dedicated to mechanical engineers looking for advice, tips, or tricks.

Final Thoughts

Engineering YouTube channels can be a fantastic resource whether mechanical engineers want to learn more about the domain or stay up-to-date on technology and trends.

All listed channels provide informative and engaging videos for students and professionals alike.