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15 Best YouTube Channels for Engineering Drawing

Both aspiring and established engineers use drawings to convey their design ideas and transfer technical information about their projects.

As such, learning how to produce technical drawings is essential for engineering students. And with the emergence of various YouTube channels, teaching yourself how to draw does not have to be an issue.

This post explains the significance of engineering graphics. It also highlights the top 15 best YouTube channels for engineering drawing. 

Keep reading to discover how to hone your drawing skills as an engineer. 

Why do we study engineering graphics?

The importance of studying engineering graphics cannot be understated. Engineering drawing is essentially the language of communication in the engineering fraternity.

We need to learn engineering graphics to read and interpret the drawings and understand current drawing principles and practices.

Engineers use graphics to visualize or perceive their ideas in 2D and 3D models. The drawings are ideal for describing products by highlighting the production process from scratch. You can use illustrations to demonstrate how to manufacture and operate a particular item.

As you know, technical information can be challenging to comprehend or even visualize from a theoretical point of view.

In contrast, an engineering drawing is easier to analyze since it contains intricate details such as dimension lines, extension lines, arrows, and text. 

Studying engineering graphics makes it easy for students to understand and interpret this technical data at a glance.

You do not have to go through thousands of calculations when dealing with technical information since the drawing simplifies everything.

Using verbal instructions in engineering is not viable. After all, spoken words are very easy to forget or misinterpret, especially if you are not a native of the language used.

In contrast, engineering drawing is a universal language that anyone with proper training in technical drawing can interpret the data therein.

Another reason why we study engineering graphics is the ability to produce detailed designs. Engineering is all about accuracy, and engineering drawings allow students to draw to scale and create accurate prototypes and models, ensuring the final product is error-free.

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15 Best YouTube channels for engineering drawing

YouTube is home to hundreds of educational channels that can help students practice and hone their skills. If you want to learn new tricks and practice engineering drawing, consider the following YouTube channels:

1st Year Engineering Drawing

As the name implies, this YouTube channel is ideal for students who are just getting started with their engineering program. The channel features over 95 different videos on engineering drawing and graphics.

You will learn interesting topics such as orthographic projections, isometric view, projection of points and lines, and development of solids, among many others.

Manas Patnaik

Manas Patnaik is another excellent YouTube resource for engineering students. The channel covers a wide range of topics, including engineering drawing and graphics.

Although the channel is India-based, all videos are in English, making it easy for foreign engineering students to follow and understand the lessons.


If you are searching for a YouTube channel that offers a variety of engineering courses, not just engineering drawing and graphics, consider Ekeeda.

From mechanical to computer engineering, you can literally find any engineering course you want on this platform. This verified channel has over 790,000 subscribers, making it one of the most popular resource platforms for aspiring and established engineers.

Magic Marks

Subscribe to the Magic Marks YouTube channel for high-quality, well-explained video tutorials on engineering drawing and graphics.

This digital learning platform has been around since 2013, and it has over 100,000 subscribers. The channel uploads new videos covering various engineering topics every few days.

EzEd Channel

The slogan of the EzED channel is “Make Engineering Easy.” True to its word, the platform has several educative videos that focus on various engineering courses, including engineering drawing and graphics.

EzEd uses simple, easy-to-follow video tutorials, so you do not have to struggle to grasp the concepts. 

Gate Academy Plus

The Gate Academy Plus is a YouTube channel with a massive global following of over 500,000 subscribers. The platform offers several video tutorials covering a wide range of engineering topics, including drawing and graphics.

The Gate Academy ranks among the best because it has different instructors who specialize in specific subjects.

Concept Education

If you want to have a great start in your engineering program, consider subscribing to the Concept Education YouTube channel.

As the name implies, the channel focuses on explaining the basic concepts of nearly every engineering course in a simplified way. Whether it’s Engineering Drawing or Graphics, you’ll never go wrong once you join this channel.

MES e-Learning

For students who are past the introductory stage and want to delve deeper into particular topics of Engineering drawing, consider the MES e-Learning channel.

This YouTube channel focuses on specific subjects related to engineering graphics, such as orthographic projections, projection of lines, and projection of lines and points.

The channel has few subscribers, so you can take your chance to ask questions in the comments section.

Technical Drawing

Engineering drawing or graphics is essentially technical drawing. In any case, the concept is the same, and the drawings consist of similar components such as dimensional lines, arrows, and extension lines.

With that said, the Technical Drawing YouTube channel is an excellent destination for learning the tits and bits of engineering drawing. It has plenty of video tutorials of the same, with new videos uploaded nearly every day.

Science Technology Info

The Science Technology Info is another excellent Youtube channel for engineers. It has plenty of video tutorials with rich educational content for novice and seasoned engineering students.

The channel focuses on various engineering drawing topics such as orthographic projection, first and third angle projections, and isometric views. Even though the channel has origins in Asia, all instructions are in English.

John White

If you are a complete novice with none or limited knowledge of engineering drawing, consider visiting the John White YouTube channel.

The channel focuses on a wide range of tech topics and how-to videos, but we found several tutorials on engineering drawing. John White is very knowledgeable on Isometric basics, orthographic projections, and computer-aided design.

Eric Fischer

The Eric Fischer Channel is another YouTube channel associated with an individual rather than an institution of learning. The channel has been around since 2012, but for unexplainable reasons, it has fewer than 500 subscribers.

However, this is not an issue since Eric Fischer offers educative lessons on 2D and 3D drawing, multiview drawing, and other technical drawing concepts.

IIT Roorkee

IIT Roorkee is a YouTube channel run by the Indian Institute of Technology. The channel has plenty of video tutorials covering various topics, from different degree programs ranging from architecture to engineering.

Engineering drawing and graphics are among the topics covered. The standout aspect about this channel is that professors and associate professors are in charge of the lessons, so you can be sure that you are learning from the very best.

The Edoreal Engineering

The Edoreal Engineering channel was started in 2014 to provide quality education in engineering. It is home to hundreds of videos covering various engineering topics including engineering drawing.

The specific video tutorial on engineering graphics covers all the basic concepts you need to develop and hone your drawing skills.

The only concern is that the channel does not upload new videos regularly.

 Engineering Drawing Channel

Winding up the list is the Engineering Drawing Channel. This YouTube channel is your one-stop destination for everything concerning engineering drawing and engineering graphics. You do not have to look any further if you want the correct information on the topic.

The channel has video tutorials covering the basics of engineering drawing, projection of lines & planes, geometrical constructions, development of surfaces, and isometric views, among many other topics.

Which is the best YouTube channel to learn engineering graphics?

There is no single channel that one can describe as the best for learning engineering graphics. After all, they all teach the same concept. Students have a wide range of options to choose from, depending on their preferences.

With that said, here is a list of recommended YouTube channels for engineering graphics:

What are the topics in engineering graphics?

Some of the essential topics in engineering graphics include:

  • Visualization skills
  • Mechanical dimensioning
  • Orthographic projections
  • Engineering design
  • Engineering drawing concepts
  • Technical drawing
  • Multiview drawings
  • Tolerancing practices
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Detail and Assembly Drawings
  • Descriptive Geometry

Final thoughts

Learning how to read and understand engineering graphics is crucial for any aspiring engineer. After all, engineering drawing is the language engineers use to visualize and convey their ideas. 

The good news is that you do not have to attend private tuition to hone your drawing skills. With the availability of various YouTube channels focusing on the same, you can practice engineering drawing from the comfort of your room.